Colour & Lack Thereof . Vintage Fashion Editorial Photography

February 25, 2018

Vintage Fashion Editorial Photography featuring Vintage Clothing from “Starlotte Satine Vintage”

Models: Haley Duchesne | Emma Oderkirk | Alex Burton
Makeup: Dana Lajeunesse | @danalajeunesse
Hair: Starlotte Dresen | Dana Lajeunesse
Wardrobe: Styled by Starlotte Dresen with Starlotte Satine Vintage | @starlottesatinevintage
Location: Dance Evolution @danceevolution | The Brewer Lofts

Well, there really is quite a lot to say about this creative editorial project.  It was a collaboration between everyone involved.
Ultimately we decided initially on a colour scheme that would allow for experimentation in makeup as well as wardrobe.  We’d contacted Dana as well as Starlotte to see what could be possible & immediately started building a direction solely based on colour.

After casting our lovely models showcased below (all incredibly talented Dance Evolution Alumni) we made calls to lock in two very contrasted locations (Dance Evolution & The Brewer Lofts) One being very simplified & clean & the other being very busy & colourful.

In the end our goal was to marry very muted wardrobe & makeup with the first location & hold it up to a very BOLD & LOUD alternative.

“I just wanted the first look to be ethereal & natural whereas the second was to be a simple pop of colour in interesting shapes without going overboard. I wanted it to compliment the outfits rather than be too much & take away from the other elements.” – Dana Lajeunesse

“The goal in the end was to bring a high fashion feel to vintage aesthetics to give the viewer a fresh look on something that has stood the test of time & to really showcase how versatile each piece can be alone or paired with something that you wouldn’t typically think to pair it with.” – Starlotte Dresen

This entire shoot really did boil down to a group of creative women in Sudbury who just wanted to flex their creative muscles outside of the typical projects we often find on our desks. We were all left still wanting so much more but I think that’s what comes from these “carte blanche” adventures.
Overall we’re very happy with what we got & we had heaps of fun working together!

A VERY BIG thank you to everyone that helped us to accomplish this experimental & fun final product!
Thank you Ali Catherwood & Greg .O for the use of the two very different yet beautiful locations
& a great big thank you two the 3 patient & enthusiastic models involved!

MUCH of the fashion showcased below is available for sale. Contact @starlottesatinevintage to schedule a private viewing for personal styling & trust in that there is PLENTY more where this came from!

Here are our best frames from that creative day!!!


Vintage Fashion Editorial Photography .  © 2018 FLOFOTO photography  .  Starlotte Satine Vintage  .  Dana Lajeunesse makeup