The fire is out & business is BACK!

March 23, 2016

GOOD GOD!!! The moment we’d all been waiting for had finally happened this year.


We couldn’t be happier for Rob & his family, nor happier for ourselves (the indulgence of the best food EVER, could finally begin…re-begin?)
Rob’s been nothing but a great friend of ours for years & in such cases we were asked if we would shoot the latest Cover & inside article material for an issue featuring
The Gregorini’s long journey to rebuilding.  We of course Jumped at the idea & immediately began brainstorming.

Our main goal was to showcase the idea that “The fire is out & business is BACK”.

We wound up trying to showcase the playful’ness of Nova by having her enjoy a sundae up on the bar & Mini’s “front of the house” smile with her shakin’ a martini
behind the bar. Keeping as much in line with realistic story line, it only made sense to have Rob in the iconic apron he so often wears when running from the kitchen to the
dining room on a genuinely busy Respect is Burning evening.

The last finishing touch was maybe a bit risky & so I’d called Rob to ask if we could incorporate a BIG industrial Fire extinguisher to relay that the fire WAS a part of
their past & would never set foot in the restaurant again.  He jokingly replied “Oh, the fire extinguisher is practically a new family member.”

Attached below is our best frames from that day & feel free to take a look at our initial Blog reflecting the reality of the restaurant only days after the fire.

Thank you again to those who participated including Christine Sola who had helped get us the Opportunity to build & photograph this idea & many thanks to those who
took the time to show up for the group photo!  Congrats to the Gregorini Family! You guys deserve nothing but the best!

Grab your Copy today of Sudbury Living Magazine! The article is WELL worth the read!