Spill The Wine . Sudbury Engagement Session

October 19, 2016

I need to start off by acknowledging how time & time again we really hit the jackpot for landing just truly FUN & kind clients!
Maybe we’re magnetic to those out there who fit this profile but goodness gracious, we are so grateful & feel nothing but appreciation!

That being said, A massive CONGRATS to this here fun & kind couple Angela & Matthew!
You guys were a blast & I of course very much enjoyed the song dedicated to poutine. (mad respect)

This shoot began in the charming Brenda Wallace hall in Laurentian University & then found its way onto
the ethereal sunsetty Laurentian Conservation trails.  Both Angela & Matthew brought a few of their personal favourite items
that truly define them as a fun loving couple.  The day consisted of Chess, Crazy 8’s & comfortable indulgence of wine & literature.
The Grand Finale involved a beautiful 12 string guitar that may or may not have had wine accidentally spilled onto itself.
(pfft, clumsy fancy guitar!)

Thank you again Angela & Matthew for sharing a show stopping sunset with our lens!
We truly cannot wait to share your big day with you!

PS. We’re expecting a new song dedicated to Pizza. NO! You know what? Surprise us!

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