Brenda’lesque : Sudbury Burlesque

February 10, 2016

So THIS happened!!!!

When I’d sat with Burlesque founders, Colin Eady & Jess Crowe to discuss the idear of “Brenda” it made me nothing but ache to just GET TO SHOOTING.
The “Lady” seemed wildly over the top, openly greedy & proudly evil.   Being someone who has yet to catch a Burlesque show due to ill timing (not proud)
I’ve only heard hilarious story lines of this vibrant character & am more than appreciative for the opportunity to be the one to capture her.

We had discussed the story line of both Brenda as well as Colin’s other persona, “EmCee Unicorn” & eventually it became blatantly clear that we should
involve this ever expanding group of performing men that have labeled themselves the
 “The Boylesque crew”.  The shtick being that though surrounded by
the gorgeous women of the Burlesque team, all the men from the Boylesque group have eyes ONLY for Brenda.  We have, to our benefit, utilized both
Colin’s Characters in an almost “mastermind” scheme in which case they, understanding the lust had for striking Brenda, may play a quite obvious con over
the hearts of these desperate admiring men.  

Through use of Brystons, a great turn out from most of the team & many restless evenings of just WAITING for the day, we went to shooting & showcased
below is what we walked away with.  I would say in the beginning of this “money shot”, the men were mildly pushy but by the end of the final frames snapped,
it seemed an all out aggressive war for attention.  It was, needless to say, an entertaining experience from the other side of that lens. 

Massive Thanks to Colin as Brenda, MCU & the entire Boylesque Crew!!! (Andy as Dick E Wrecht, Shawn as Angus Macdickson, Will as Brown Eyed Earl
Ricky as Preston Gently, Marty as Jack Rabbit Slim, Jameson as JJ Cummins & Francis as Landon Longwood)

Check out the WHOLE Team at
Tickets to their upcoming show “Talk Nerdy to Me” are available Online & in all locations listed below:
Between Us Lovers Boutique, Fromagerie Elgin, Gloria’s Restaurant, The Steelworkers Hall & Studio 613.