Tessa & Scott on W network

May 23, 2014


This fall I had the pleasure of shooting behind the scenes

with this incredibly talented & super cool duo!

Here’s a link to the show’s site where you can scroll through some of the BTS shots.

From Tessa –

“Zoe has the ability to capture special moments on film that tell a story.  Her unique perspective and keen eye for detail make for spectacular, engaging pictures.  I love that Scott and I now have images to cherish that capture the subtleties, intricacies, and essence of who we are as a team.  Those snapshots give an inside look into what I feel is our secret world.  Amazing!”


I can’t wait to see the show which premiers on January 2nd @ 8pm e/p on W network.

& so excited to cheer these guys on when they compete at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics!!


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these photos were taken for the purposes of the “Tessa & Scott” television series.