Robin & Brian . Engagement session . Jamaica

August 6, 2015

Couple: Robin & Brian

Venue: Secrets St. James Resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica

After 15min the clouds had dissipated entirely.  The rain drops dried & the thunder was nowhere to be heard.  The beach was empty …& the ocean, calm.
The couple snagged a bottle of champagne & two flutes before quickly rushing over to the now empty hammocks mildly swinging in the warm Jamaican breeze.

A moment to just enjoy each others company having nothing to do with wedding this & wedding that.  It was time to relax. Time to laugh.

Congratulations Brian & Robin.  Hope you enjoy the captures from our engagement session that evening & that beautifully unexpected sunset.
I’m absolutely filled with joy to have been witness to your WEEK as well as your big day in gorgeous Jamaica.

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