Laura & Jamie Wedding at Camp Falcona

December 30, 2015

Couple: Laura & Jamie / Date: September 26th 2015        
 Ceremony & Reception : Camp Falcona
Musical entertainment: Ryan Levesque ( Ceremony) & The Levecque Brothers ( Reception)
Wedding Planner: Jacaranda Events
Coverage: 12 hrs, 2 photographers

Down the long gravel road, then up & down the bumpy, hilly dirt road, throw in a few more twist & turns & BAM!! you’ve arrived at Camp Falcona, where former Camp Staff, Laura & Jamie chose to tie the knot!

We won’t give away too much as the photos will tell you all BUT we will say the night did end off with a Surprise BANG! 

We hope you enjoy reliving this BEST DAY EVER through our captures.
BIG Congrats to Laura & Jamie, may you camp together forever! 

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