Kendra & Darryl at the Hilton, London

December 17, 2015

Couple: Kendra & Darryl / Date: September 12th 2015
Ceremony: St. John the Evangelist, London
Reception: Hilton, London
Style/Theme: Old Hollywood Glam
Coverage: 12 hrs, 2 photographers


We met Kendra & Darryl back in January when we photographed their Engagement shoot at the Ed Mirvish Theatre in Toronto.

We drove out to London the day before the wedding to do our usual scouting & scheming! We spent the day checking out the nearby potential portrait locations,
the rehearsal at the beautiful old church & then spent the late night wandering the hotel coming up with fun ways to use spaces you’d least expect to be used & to
play with gels & all things we knew we’d have no trouble convincing our theatre background bride to do!

We had such a fun time shooting with Kendra & Darryl! The whole day & night was filled with lots of joy, love & more LOVE! Probably the winner for speeches
— there was just so much love in that room, it was overwhelming & wonderful to be witness to!

Congrats Kendra & Darryl, we wish you a very full & happy life together! We hope you enjoy our captures!

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