Dani J

February 25, 2015

So THIS happened! Its been years of waiting around for the right girl & not too long ago a friend of mine posted a super fine photo of herself on the “Fah’che’ livre” causing an immediate lightbulb!!  I present to you the absolutely STUNNINGLY bad @$$, Dani J!!!

From her crazy awesome tattoo sleeves to her absolutely ideal apartment, this shoot was one of the best I’ve had to date.  It didn’t hurt that  A) you could smoke in her location B) she had an attention hog of a cat  &  C) she happened to have a wall COVERED in clocks. Pssssst…. secret perk number D) she in fact moonlights as a Sudbury Burlesque Girl!

Hope You all enjoy the shoot & thank you thank you, Dani for hookin’ us up with our very first boudoir shoot EVER!!  DSC_5352_bw DSC_5473 DSC_5247 DSC_5558 DSC_5544 DSC_5570 DSC_5696  DSC_5845DSC_5987 DSC_6079 DSC_6114 DSC_6155 DSC_6460 DSC_6506 DSC_6543 DSC_6745 DSC_6799 DSC_6825 DSC_6859 DSC_6880 DSC_6992 DSC_6716