Cinefest : Reels & Heels with Starlotte

July 31, 2015

Reels & Heels with Starlotte.

Absolutely overjoyed to have been given the opportunity to participate in this years Cinefest Poster, AGAIN!  A HUGE thank you to Tony Jurgilas for thinking of us to bring this
captivating concept to life.  I was more than excited after our first meeting in which he showed me the initial idea involving a woman’s eyes & a big ol’ mess of film strip for hair.
To make things even more “Crazy Awesome” Tony had also informed me that our model of choice would be none other than the beautifully hypnotic Starlotte Dresen.  I had
yet to meet the fast rising Sudbury Star’lotte but could only agree that there were no eyes better suited for the concept discussed.

A massive thank you to Ali Loney for lending us studio space at her gorgeous dance studio “Dance Evolution” off elm, Downtown Sudbury. A massive thank you to Wendy
Jurgilas, Tony’s helpful wife, for helping construct the film strip hair do’s showcased in the photos below.  Finally thank you thank you, Starlotte for being an absolute delight
to work with. You were nothing but professional & insanely talented (the woman did her own makeup which of course worked out in our favour).

Here it is guys, the new Cinefest poster along with the rest of our stock from that one fine day.  Hope you enjoy & we hope everyone takes a drive up Silver Hill for a good
look at the poster showcasing THE Stunning Starlotte Dressen!

DSC_3352 DSC_3300  DSC_3070_2_skin_contrast DSC_3388 DSC_3331 DSC_3440    DSC_3409  DSC_3429   DSC_3462_small DSC_3503DSC_3522  DSC_3522_small DSC_3512 DSC_3605

11728897_10154080525692586_1335451666788959494_o                         Big Ol’ Blasty Blast!!!!!!!!