Breakfast at Tiffany’s…Sofia’s, Rather

October 29, 2015

Outside hung a chalk board welcoming expected guests to “Breakfast at Sofia’s”.
What more could a girl want but an entirely “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” themed 1st Birthday Party!?  The tables were peppered with Diamonds, Flowers & the occasional hint of Tiffany’s Blue. Then arrived the guest of honour in what else but a classic “Little Black Dress” with a generous compliment of pearls found beneath her infectious smile. The fancy dress fluttered in the air as she Ran, Danced & Twirled from here to there. Then came time for a fashionable outfit change from black to blue in the form of none other than a very
fun Tutu. We had Cake, we opened gifts & we “Ran, Danced & Twirled” ALL OVER AGAIN!

Before we knew it, it was time for a nap because lets face it, turning a WHOLE year old is exhausting & a girl needs her beauty sleep.
Happy Birthday Tiny Sofia! Way to party like one classy lady!

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