A Day in the Cottage Life : Engagement Session

June 2, 2015

From a calm & cozy foggy morning to a warm Bon fire by the shoreline under the night sky,  a Day in the Cottage Life of Ali & Michael.

I’d recently spent the day with the newly engaged couple who more or less live out on Lake Kukagami, Ontario during their well deserved days off.   Michael, being
originally from New Zealand, had made the big move to be with Ali, the born & raised Sudburian, after an awesomely candid meet during the Calgary Stampede.
(roughly 3 years ago)

Our day spent on Kukagami was weathered to perfection & after some lake time with a bottle of champagne paired with a couple of fancy mugs, we then enjoyed a calm
sunset during a relaxing canoe ride.  Congratulations Ali & Michael (Mick)!  You two were  a blast & we’re so happy for both of you!

Showcased below is our Day on the Dock!  Hope you enjoy!

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DSC_3054 (2)