A Bon Fire Engagement Sesh

October 28, 2015

We FINALLY got to shoot a Bon Fire Engagement!!  It helped that the Fall Sunset comes FAR sooner compared to a Summer Evening & that our couple had the PERFECT
cozy setting in their beautiful backyard.  After bundling, snagging a few blankets & grabbing a beer or two from the fridge, Courtney & Mike were game for a bit of a
hangout in the scattered leaves.  The fall setting & sunset added warmth until only a Bon Fire could.  Mike eventually swung out the acoustic guitar & serenaded his fair
lady by the fire. (the guy can play …& sing! Whaaaat?)  Overall, we had an absolute Blast & we cannot wait to capture the Big Day approaching, this 2016 wedding

Congrats Courtney & Mike.  Many thanks for the Laughs & hope you enjoy the story captured that warm fall day!

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